The Jowett Society

The Jowett Society provides a forum for the discussion of philosophical issues by members of the faculty. 

The Jowett Society dates back to the nineteenth century and was named in honour of Benjamin Jowett. Previous speakers include Russell, Wittgenstein, and Davidson. All are welcome to attend. If you would like to join for dinner after the drinks reception, please email TBC

Seminars ordinarily take place on Fridays, 15.30 - 17.30 in the Lecture Room at the Radcliffe Humanities Building, Woodstock Rd. 

Jowett Society Organising Committee: Richard Roth | Jowett Society Website

Past Terms

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Week 1 (12th October) (Jowett)

Margot Strohminger (Oxford)

'Supposition, Imagination and Offline Belief'

Week 2 (19th October) (Jowett) Nilanjan Das (UCL) 'Externalism and Exploitability' 
Week 3 (26th October) (Jowett) Andrew Chignell (Princeton) 'Knowledge and Ignorance in Kant'
Week 4 (2nd November) (Jowett) John Carriero (UCLA) 'Spinoza and Our Ontological Demotion'
Week 5 (9th November)  Seminar cancelled  
Week 6 (16th November) Seminar cancelled  
Week 7 (23rd November) (Phil.) Georgi Gardiner (Oxford) 'Profiling and Proof: Are Statistics Safe?'
Week 8 (30th November) (Jowett) Maria Alvarez (King's College London) 'Agency, Abilities and Control'

Week 1 (27th April) (Jowett)

John Hawthorne (USC)

"Chrisholm's Paradox"

Week 2 (4th May) (Jowett) Murat Aydede (UBC) "What is pain in a body part?"
Week 3 (10th May)  No Seminar -
Week 4 (17th May) (Jowett) Ian Proops (UT) "The inestimatable world: Kant's resolution of the mathematical antinomies"
Week 5 (24th May) (Phil.) Fraser MacBride (Mancester) TBA
Week 6 (31st May) (Jowett) Miriam Schoenfield (MIT) TBA
Week 7 (7th June) (Phil.) No Seminar -
Week 8 (14th June) (Jowett) Helen Beebee (Manchester) TBA

Week 1 (18th January) (Jowett)

Jessie Munton (Cambridge)

'Seeing the past, remembering the present'

Week 2 (25th January(Jowett) Helen Beebee (Manchester) 'Lewis and van Inwagen on the consequence argument'  
Week 3 (1st February) (Philosophical) Kit Fine (NYU) 'Chisholm’s Puzzle and Unconditional Obligation'  
Week 4 (8th February) (Jowett) Joel David Hamkins (Univ, Oxford) 'Potentialism and implicit actualism in the foundations of mathematics'  
Week 5 (15th February) (Jowett) Bernhard Salow (Magdalen, Oxford) 'Sequential Decisions under the Idea of Freedom'  
Week 6 (22th February) (Jowett) Rachael Wiseman (Liverpool) 'Linguistic Idealism and Human Essence'  
Week 7 (1st March) (Philosophical) Lavinia Picollo (UCL) 'Deflationism and Logical Consequence'  
Week 8 (8th March) (Jowett) Anton Ford (Chicago) 'The Objectification of Agency'