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The Ockham Society provides a forum in which graduate students in philosophy (particularly BPhil, MSt, and PRS students) may present their ideas to their peers at the University of Oxford. Our aim is to provide every Oxford graduate student with the opportunity to present their ideas in a friendly environment at least once during their time in Oxford. It is an ideal opportunity to gain feedback on your essays, and to gain first experiences in academic presenting. Small, experimental and unfinished papers are just as welcome as more advanced ones.

If you would like to present a paper to the society please send a title and abstract of 150 words maximum to Charlotte Figueroa (firstname.lastname(at)philosophy.ox.ac.uk). Oxford DPhil Philosophy students are highly encouraged to present at the DPhil seminar.

The scheule for seminars during Trinity Term will be Fridays 1.00-3.00pm in Meeting Room 7, with the exception of Week 1 (Tuesday 24th, 2.00-3.30pm in the Ryle Room). 

Trinity Term 2018 — Term Card

Week 1 (Tuesday 24th April)

Thomas Mitchell (Worcester College)

Sebastian Liu (Merton College)


"A Fitch-like Paradox for Weak-KK"

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Ockham Society Convenors: Charlotte Figueroa | Ockham Society Website 

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