Moral Philosophy Seminar

The Moral Philosophy Seminar (MPS) is a fortnightly seminar which explores all areas and frameworks of moral philosophy, including normative ethics, applied ethics, and meta-ethics. Those who wish to be added to the mailing list should ask the convenor through email. 

Seminars take place on Mondays of weeks 2, 4, 6 & 8 at 4-6pm, in the Lecture Room at the Radcliffe Humanities building.  

Moral Philosophy Seminar Convenor: Jeremy Fix


Past Terms

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Week 2(18th Oct)

Sarah Paul (NYU-Abu Dhabi)

Plan B Consistency

Week 4 (1st Nov)

Matthew Boyle (University of Chicago)

Ethics and the First Person Perspective

Week 6 (15th Nov)

Paul Bloomfield (University of Connecticut)

Justice as the Virtue of Respect

Week 8 (29th Nov)

Jed Lewinsohn (University of Pittsburgh)

The ‘Natural Unintelligibility’ of Normative Powers


Week 2 (3rd May)

Lucy O'Brien (UCL) and Marie Guillot (Essex)

Self - Matters
Week 4 (17th May)

Alexander Prescott-Couch (Oxford)

Hermeneutic Injustice and the Public Sphere
Week 6 (31st May)

Sam Berstler (Princeton/MIT)

The Ethics of Word Twisting
Week 8 (14th June)

Johann Frick (Princeton)

Dilemmas, Luck, and the Two Faces of Morality


Week 2 (25th Jan)

David Sussman (Illinois)

'Retributivism Reconsidered'
Week 4 (8th Feb) E. Sonny Elizondo (California)

'Kantian Eudaimonism'

Week 6 (22nd Feb)

Selim Berker (Harvard)

'The Deontic, the Evaluative, and the Fitting'
Week 8 (8th March)

Michael Rabenberg (Princeton)

'Lucretius’ Puzzle'


Week 4 (3rd Nov)

Michael Otsuka (LSE)

'The case for a funded pension with a defined benefit (DB)'
Week 6 (16th Nov)

Edward Lamb (Oxford)

'Benefiting Those Who Would Benefit More'
Week 8 (30th Nov)

Barry Maguire (Edinburgh) 

'Rewiring Ethics'


Week 2 (27th January)       

Gopal Sreenivasan (Duke University)

Must the ends in courage be good?

Week 4 (10th February)                  

Martin O'Neill (York)

Social Justice, Democratic Socialism, and Collective Capital Institutions

Week 8 (9th March)   

Oded Na'aman (Martin Buber Society of Fellows, Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Meaningful Suffering


Week 1 (14th October)                            

Elizabeth Anderson (University of Michigan)

''What Has Gone Wrong? Populist politics and the mobilization of fear and resentment''                   

Week 2 (21st October)

Vida Yao (Rice University)

''Grace and Alienation ''

Week 4 (4th November)

Brendan de Kenessey (Toronto)

 ''What Makes Reasons Moral?''

Week 6 (18th November)         

Louise Hanson (Durham)

''Robust Moral Realism and Robust Aesthetic Realism''

Week 8 (2nd December)

John-Stewart Gordon (Vytautas Magnus University) 

''Ethics as a Method''

Week 1 (14th January) Luke Elson (Reading) 'Nihilistic Despair'
Week 2 (21st January) Gerald Lang (Leeds)  'What's Wrong with Hypocrisy'
Week 3 (28th January) Martin Sticker (Bristol)  'The Normativity of Obligatory End'
Week 4 (4th February) Philipp Gisbertz (Göttingen)  'Human Dignity as a Moral Concept'
Week 5 (11th February) Jeremy Fix (Oxford) 'The Instrumental Rule'
Week 6 (18th February) Robert Simpson (UCL)  'What is Legitimation?' 
Week 7 (25th February) Lucy Campbell (Warwick)  'Anscombe on Practical Knowledge and Practical Truth'
Week 8 (4th March) Paulina Sliwa (Cambridge) 'Hermeneutical Advice'
Week 8 (7th March, Special Session) Robert Audi (Notre Dame) 'Prospects for a Value-Based Deontology'
Week 2 (15th October) Joe Horton (UCL) 'The Exploitation Problem'
Week 3 (22nd October) Cressida Gaukroger (Oxford) "Privacy and the Importance of "Getting Away With It"
Week 5 (5th November) Adam Shriver (Oxford) 'Is Hedonism a Version of Axiological Monism?'
Week 6 (12th November) Brian McElwee (Southampton) 'Moral Progress and Moral Reproach'
Week 7 (19th November) Jeremy Williams (Birmingham) 'Anti-Abortion Advocacy, Violence, and Toleration'
Week 8 (26th November) Fabienne Peter (Warwick) 'Moral Self-Trust and its Limits'

Week 1 (23rd April)

Theron Pummer (St Andrews

"Optimising Outside Options"

Week 4 (14th May) Patrick Tomlin (Warwick) "Accidentally Killing on Purpose"
Week 7 (4th June) Tom Dougherty (Cambridge) "Degrees of Consent"

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