Moral Philosophy Seminar

The Moral Philosophy Seminar (MPS) is a fortnightly seminar which explores all areas and frameworks of moral philosophy, including normative ethics, applied ethics, and meta-ethics. Meetings this year will be a mix of online and in person sessions. Those who wish to attend online sessions should ask the convenor through email to add them to the mailing list if they are not already on it.

Seminars take place on Mondays of weeks 2, 4, 6 & 8 at 4-6pm. The in-person meetings will take place in the Lecture Room at the Radcliffe Humanities building.  

Moral Philosophy Seminar Convenor: Jeremy Fix


Past Terms

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Week 2 (3rd May)

Lucy O'Brien (UCL) and Marie Guillot (Essex)

Self - Matters
Week 4 (17th May)

Alexander Prescott-Couch (Oxford)

Hermeneutic Injustice and the Public Sphere
Week 6 (31st May)

Sam Berstler (Princeton/MIT)

The Ethics of Word Twisting
Week 8 (14th June)

Johann Frick (Princeton)

Dilemmas, Luck, and the Two Faces of Morality


Week 2 (25th Jan)

David Sussman (Illinois)

'Retributivism Reconsidered'
Week 4 (8th Feb) E. Sonny Elizondo (California)

'Kantian Eudaimonism'

Week 6 (22nd Feb)

Selim Berker (Harvard)

'The Deontic, the Evaluative, and the Fitting'
Week 8 (8th March)

Michael Rabenberg (Princeton)

'Lucretius’ Puzzle'


Week 4 (3rd Nov)

Michael Otsuka (LSE)

'The case for a funded pension with a defined benefit (DB)'
Week 6 (16th Nov)

Edward Lamb (Oxford)

'Benefiting Those Who Would Benefit More'
Week 8 (30th Nov)

Barry Maguire (Edinburgh) 

'Rewiring Ethics'


Week 2 (27th January)       

Gopal Sreenivasan (Duke University)

Must the ends in courage be good?

Week 4 (10th February)                  

Martin O'Neill (York)

Social Justice, Democratic Socialism, and Collective Capital Institutions

Week 8 (9th March)   

Oded Na'aman (Martin Buber Society of Fellows, Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Meaningful Suffering


Week 1 (14th October)                            

Elizabeth Anderson (University of Michigan)

''What Has Gone Wrong? Populist politics and the mobilization of fear and resentment''                   

Week 2 (21st October)

Vida Yao (Rice University)

''Grace and Alienation ''

Week 4 (4th November)

Brendan de Kenessey (Toronto)

 ''What Makes Reasons Moral?''

Week 6 (18th November)         

Louise Hanson (Durham)

''Robust Moral Realism and Robust Aesthetic Realism''

Week 8 (2nd December)

John-Stewart Gordon (Vytautas Magnus University) 

''Ethics as a Method''

Week 1 (14th January) Luke Elson (Reading) 'Nihilistic Despair'
Week 2 (21st January) Gerald Lang (Leeds)  'What's Wrong with Hypocrisy'
Week 3 (28th January) Martin Sticker (Bristol)  'The Normativity of Obligatory End'
Week 4 (4th February) Philipp Gisbertz (Göttingen)  'Human Dignity as a Moral Concept'
Week 5 (11th February) Jeremy Fix (Oxford) 'The Instrumental Rule'
Week 6 (18th February) Robert Simpson (UCL)  'What is Legitimation?' 
Week 7 (25th February) Lucy Campbell (Warwick)  'Anscombe on Practical Knowledge and Practical Truth'
Week 8 (4th March) Paulina Sliwa (Cambridge) 'Hermeneutical Advice'
Week 8 (7th March, Special Session) Robert Audi (Notre Dame) 'Prospects for a Value-Based Deontology'
Week 2 (15th October) Joe Horton (UCL) 'The Exploitation Problem'
Week 3 (22nd October) Cressida Gaukroger (Oxford) "Privacy and the Importance of "Getting Away With It"
Week 5 (5th November) Adam Shriver (Oxford) 'Is Hedonism a Version of Axiological Monism?'
Week 6 (12th November) Brian McElwee (Southampton) 'Moral Progress and Moral Reproach'
Week 7 (19th November) Jeremy Williams (Birmingham) 'Anti-Abortion Advocacy, Violence, and Toleration'
Week 8 (26th November) Fabienne Peter (Warwick) 'Moral Self-Trust and its Limits'

Week 1 (23rd April)

Theron Pummer (St Andrews

"Optimising Outside Options"

Week 4 (14th May) Patrick Tomlin (Warwick) "Accidentally Killing on Purpose"
Week 7 (4th June) Tom Dougherty (Cambridge) "Degrees of Consent"

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