Moral Philosophy Seminar

The Moral Philosophy Seminar (MPS) is a regular seminar which explores all areas and frameworks of moral philosophy, including normative ethics, applied ethics, and meta-ethics. The seminar is open to all; those who attend are invited to join the speaker and convenor for wine and dinner at Somerville College immediately afterwards, though the diners cannot exceed fourteen in number. Vegetarian meals and wine for students will be paid for by the convenor. 

Seminars ordinarily take place on Mondays 4.30-6.30pm in the Lecture Room at the Radcliffe Humanities Building, Woodstock Rd. 

Please find a video of Derek Parfit's last lecture, given at the Moral Philosophy Seminar in 2016, here

Moral Philosophy Seminar Convenors: Prof Jeff McMahan and Dr Tom Sinclair

Past Terms

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Week 1 (23rd April)

Theron Pummer (St Andrews

"Optimising Outside Options"

Week 4 (14th May) Patrick Tomlin (Warwick) "Accidentally Killing on Purpose"
Week 7 (4th June) Tom Dougherty (Cambridge) "Degrees of Consent"

Week 1 (15th January) 

No Seminar 


Week 2 (22nd January) Kieran Oberman (Edinburgh) "Killing and Rescuing: The Case for Revising Necessity"
 Week 3 (29th January) Marcel van Ackeren (Münster) "What is Demandingness?"
Week 4 (5th February) Tom Parr (Essex) "Vegetarianism: Moving Beyond the Standard Case"
Week 5 (12th February) Catherine Wilson (York and CUNY) "The Truth in Expressivism"
Week 6 (19th February) Bart Steumer (Groningen) "How to both reject and accept nihilism"
Week 7 (26th February) Lorna Finlayson (Essex)  Seminar not taking place
Week 8 (5th March) Alison Hills (St John's College)  Seminar not taking place

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